Fitness Equipment for Disabled

In recent years, fitness equipment for disabled used in parks and gardens has become an indispensable part of our lives. While our children are playing  families take their places where they can do their daily activities and sports. Outdoor sports equipment can now appeal to everyone. There is now a sports equipment for every individual who wants to do sports. Sports equipment for adults, children's fitness equipment for children who get tired of sliding, fitness equipment for disabled people. These products can now be found in almost any playground area.

In this group, you will find sports and fitness equipment for the disabled. There are sports equipment for the disabled in different alternatives depending on the disability. You can use sports equipment in a wheelchair, standing or in different positions. We produce disability fitness equipment for our disabled friends who needs to move their joints and strengthen their weakened muscles. In this group, you can find products for training and strengthening the arm and shoulder muscles, leg muscles and joints. You can do sports on your own or with help. Please read the instructions on equipments before start to use.

Use it after you understand whether the sports equipment you want to use is suitable for you. If possible, you can get help from a consultant. You can get more efficiency after being informed about how often and how long to use. Those with disabilities should use the sports equipment suitable for their disability for a suitable period of time. Otherwise, they may have exhausted themselves unnecessarily.

Our products are produced in accordance with EN16630 standards. You can use it with peace of mind.