Playground Equipment for Disabled Children

We eliminate obstacles with playground equipment for disabled children. There is no need to look at the children playing in the playgrounds from a distance, our disabled children should be involved in life at the beginning of their lives as in all areas of life. We are here for this, we remove obstacles in the playgrounds and include them in the game.

What is Playground for Disabled Children?

Playground equipment for disabled are easily accessible playgrounds for our children who have difficulty in walking or have to use a wheelchair. Wide ramps are often used instead of stairs on playgrounds. With these ramps, our disabled children can reach safely and comfortably to the slides and to other activities. These products can be used by children with and without disabilities. Disabled playgrounds also have different alternatives. Not only complex parks, but also swings, seesaws and many other children's play elements are produced in a structure suitable for the use of our disabled children. In this way, many activities and children's play groups in the park areas can be used comfortably and safely by our disabled children.

How should the disabled playgrounds be?

Playgrounds for the disabled have important standards as well as all other products. First of all, products should be produced in accordance with the standards for children's safety. At the same time, the slides and other activities of the playgrounds should be easily accessible. Ramp slopes conform to standards max. It should be 38 degrees. Ramp widths should also be wide enough to be accessible by wheelchair. Platform and ramp surfaces should be insulated or coated in accordance with the required standards.

Children's Playgrounds Installation and Maintenance

Disabled children playgrounds installation must be done by our company. The assembly process is also very important and must be done by qualified people. Periodic maintenance of the playgrounds of which the assembly is completed and put into service must be carried out in accordance with the standards. Otherwise, you will overlook the risks of accidents and injuries that may occur in playgrounds and children's playgrounds.

You can find the reference pictures of the products here. “REFERENCE WORKS